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/01What does a paint correction do?

Paint correction is the process of leveling (removing) light imperfections in the surface of the clear coat. This can include a variety of visible issues and causes like water spots, car wash scratches, wipe down marks, bird dropping surface stains, oxidation and buffer holograms from previous polish.

/02How much does paint correction cost?

You will usually find that paint correction work performed by a professional will cost between $200 to over $1000+, though it depends on various factors and the amount of work that you need to have done on your car. That's why we strongly recommend bringing in the car for a quick check-up before any quoting, to be more precise on the work that needs to be done.

/03Is a paint correction worth it?

Paint correction is definitely the right way to go to make the paint look incredible, while laying down the foundation for whatever protection you're using to perform at their best level and maximize their durability.


A ceramic coating not only offers rock-hard paint protection,
but also hydrophobic / water-repellent properties as well.

This transparent layer or layers of armor resists UV rays, repels road grime, and prevents light scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and swirl marks from car wash or incorrect paint correction into your car’s paintwork.

When properly applied and cared for depending on the right package chosen for your car, this semi-permanent ceramic shield will last for years, requiring little more than a quick rinse when dirtied.

If money is of no concern, and protecting your car at all costs is the objective, having a professionally installed ceramic car coating applied with paint correction prior to application on your vehicle, is the best option. 

The peace of mind associated with this service, along with the meticulous attention to detail that a trained ceramic coating installation professional provides, offers more benefits than we can mention.

Even if the car is new or older, paint correction prior application is needed to get the best effect at the end.

starting packages

At Drive Car Studio we have few starting packages that will fit your car needs

Basic Ceramic PRO USA

starting from 599$

Basic(Light) package will consist of 1 layer of Ceramic Pro USA Top Coat applied over the clear coat vehicle’s paint.

Top coating protects against light scratching and provides a beautiful gloss finish with a 2 year warranty from Ceramic Pro USA. 1-2 Days application process and not including paint correction.



starting from 899$

Our Premium package will include great value and one of our most popular packages! 

Consists of 2 layers of Ceramic Pro 9H and 1 layer of top coat. Ceramic Pro 9H serves as a hardener layer and Top coating protects against light scratching and provides a beautiful gloss finish with a 2 year warranty from Ceramic Pro USA. 2-3 Days application process, including cure time and not including paint correction.

For an additional 199$, an extra protective Ceramic Coat layer is added to windows and plastic parts of the car.


starting from 1899$

The Best and the greatest, Exclusive package consists of a minimum 4 layers up to 9 of Ceramic Pro 9H and one layer of Ceramic Pro USA Top coat, providing permanent protection with a lifetime warranty.

We also included in the price a layer of protection that will be added to windows, plastic, wheels & brake calipers. Time for completion is 3-4 days.


We Service Most Makers and Models